SunModo receives Miami-Dade NOA for direct-to-deck NanoMount and TopTile

Sep 6, 2022Blog
Originally Posted In: Solar Builder Magazine –
Authored By: Chris Crowell

Lots of structural components influence the long-term stability of a rooftop solar racking system. On this episode of The Pitch, we zoom in on SunModo’s approach to rooftop rail-based mounting and wire management, specifically its SMR system, and cover some recent system updates, with newly appointed CEO Steve Mumma.

Here’s part of the transcript, where Mumma explains recent product approvals by Miami-Dade County. Be sure to watch the 10-min overview below.

Crowell: Your NanoMount and TopTile were recently approved by Miami-Dade County, so I wanted to start there. The significance of that approval kind of goes beyond the region itself in terms of what it says about the strength of a mounting system right?

Mumma: It’s definitely the hardest place to get approved in the country I think for pretty obvious reasons given the hurricane force winds and high levels of rain. We’re incredible excited. We’ve grown a lot in Florida over the last couple years … but we haven’t been able to install in South Florida, so it’s a big deal to have it now.

Additionally, Miami-Dade has traditionally been – I don’t know – hesitant, I guess, to do deck mounted options, and we are now approved to do deck mounts with both TopTile and the NanoMount in Miami-Dade County.

Crowell: They approved deck mounts? I guess that’s not something I expected you to say. Seems like that’s even more of a unique aspect of your approval?

Mumma: It’s a big deal. We’ve seen a definite trend around the country toward deck mounting and the reasons make sense. From an installer speed standpoint you can’t beat it. There’s not a proven way to find rafters — it’s still some trial and error — and when you can take that out of it, you’re a lot faster. And from a performance and a leak prevention standpoint, it’s preferable because when you’re trying to find rafters, you’re going to miss and that’s going to leave open holes that you’ve got to go back and seal, and that unfortunately doesn’t always happen. Deck mounting eliminates that.

In the case of our TopTile product, it is specifically a deck mount product. And that’s a definite headache with tile roof installation in general, is finding those rafters. So, we eliminate that, and it has not traditionally been something that Miami-Dade had approved.