NanoRack™ Overview

NanoRack™ System

3 Hour Install – Start to Finish

SunModo proudly introduces NanoRack™. There isn’t any rail, but it’s unlike any other rail-free system on the market. NanoRack™ solves the rail-free headaches of precise measuring and complex wire management. Assemble it on the ground, and it aligns itself on the roof. Save money & time on every job with NanoRack™.



Even easier than a rail system.


Snap a line at the front edge of the array. No other measuring is required.


Most of the installation work is done on the ground.


High-Velocity Hurricane Zone Approved - Passed TAS 100 (a) Wind-Driven Rain Test.

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NanoRack™ One Sheet

NanoRack™ Data Sheet

NanoRack™ Installation Manual

NanoRack Overview

Quick & Easy Steps!

On the ground, NanoRack™ components are attached directly to the modules.

Next, attach MLPE Clamp to the module.

Use a single Wire Management Clip to attach multiple PV wires, trunk cables, etc.


Identify location of the first row of modules and snap a line.

After modules are positioned in desired roof location, use deck screws to secure NanoPlus™ mounts to the roof.



Assemble the second and additional rows of modules to the array with the patent-pending hook and loop feature with integrated bonding.

Modules are automatically aligned with adjacent modules. No adjustment needed.


The skirt gives the NanoRack™ System a clean look, either on just the front edge, or around the entire perimeter of the array if desired.