Solar Installation Grows Among Middle Class

A recent study looking at installations of solar panels in California has found more middle class suburban homes are adopting the energy saving technology. Not surprisingly, the trend, now eight years long and going strong, seems to correlate with solar power becoming more affordable and with the av...


Washington State Solar Energy Jumps 56 Percent

A recent report from the Environment Washington Research & Policy Center shows a 56 percent growth in solar capacity per capita in the Evergreen State, placing the state of Washington 15th among U.S. states in terms of solar capacity per person added for 2014. While the growth is welcomed good n...


How the Federal Solar Tax Credit Works

There are many benefits that come with utilizing solar energy. One of them is the potential for a solar credit on your federal taxes. The tax credit allows you to subtract 30 percent of the cost of your solar energy system from that year’s tax bill. Here’s how it works, which differs for busin...