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System Overview

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SunModo’s SMR Tilt Up single row tilt-up system is ideal for light roof structure application.  The system offers various tilt degree options to maximize the power output at a lower cost.

We offer three standard tilt-up rail lengths of 8, 14 and 25 inches to achieve tilt angles of 10 and 20 degrees.  A 10-foot full-length tilt-up rail is also available for on-site cutting, allowing maximum flexibility.

Key Features


Ideal for light roof structure or older building applications


No seismic or skid issues


Low point load system = Low weight per square foot


Various tilt angles for maximum flexibility


Easy to install with minimal components


Extruded channel in tilt-up rail provides module leveling for uneven roof

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SMR Tilt Up One Sheet

SMR Tilt Up Datasheet

SMR Tilt-up Installation Manual



Flat Roof Mount Standoffs combined with an L Foot can give your system the required pitch.

These standoffs are available in 3 lengths. Stainless Steel and aluminum design help to prevent corrosion and maintain high strength.


Tilt-Up Rail is available in standard lengths: 8″ (front leg), and 14″ or 25″ (rear leg). A 120″ full length Tilt-up rail is available for on-site cutting.

K10284 tilt up rail