SunTurf® Multi-Purpose System – Roof Mount

SunModo offers the next generation Multi-Purpose System with SunTurf. The system can be used as Roof Mount or Ground Mount. The streamlined design combines the simplicity of a pipe-based system with next-level engineering. By spanning over roof obstructions, the system takes full advantage of the available roof surface therefore maximizing the PV system size and increasing your ROI.

SunTurf Roof Mount System is is perfect to elevate above obstructions such as HVAC, Pipes and Vents. No drilling is required to attach the aluminum rails to the horizontal pipe. Optional bracing can provide additional structural rigidity for sites with high snow or wind load conditions. The system can be easily adjusted to account for multiple roof pitches on site.

SurTurf is ideal for solar installers looking for a cost effective roof mount system that is robust, versatile, and specially engineered for multiple configurations.

SunTurf Flat Roof System


  • Elevated solar arrays to maximize roof space and system size
  • Easy access to roof surfaces for maintenance and repair
  • Components optimized for strength, durability and fast installation.
  • Easily scalable from kilowatts to multi-megawatts PV Arrays
  • UL 2703 Listed by Intertek

Aluminum Pipe Clamp

T-Pipe Clamp Kit

Pipe Clamp Kit

Pipe Splice Kit

Post Base Kit

2 inch Aluminum Post Base Kit


Aluminum Post



Diagonal Brace