Damaging roof shingles used to be one of a solar installers’ worst challenges. Now, the easy, affordable solution is NanoMount®, SunModo’s newest solar mounting innovation. The mount eliminates the need to lift shingles and dramatically reduces the installation time.

NanoMount One-Sheet

NanoMount Data Sheet

NanoMount Load Capacity

NanoMount Roof Compatibility

NanoMount TAS 100(a) Wind-Driven Rain Test

The NanoMount Advantage

  • The fastest roof attachment in solar
  • 5 levels of protection against water penetration
  • Eliminates the need to lift shingles and prevents damage to shingle
  • Versatile mounting options including direct-to-decking
  • High-Velocity Hurricane Zone Approved – Passed TAS 100 (a) Wind-Driven Rain Test
  • All materials are compatible with asphalt shingles and single-ply roof membranes

Nano Rafter Mount

Nano Deck Mount


  • Aesthetically pleasing unibody aluminum cast construction
  • 360-degree positioning, serrated surface on both sides for rail mounting
  • Alignment markers enable easy installation
  • Open L-Foot for fast rail attachment
  • 4 Deck Screws for Deck Mount or 1 Lag Bolt for Rafter Mount
  • Integrated Ultra Soft Weather Resistant gasket

Application: Residential roof coverings, commercial single-ply roof membranes
Material: High-grade aluminum, 304 stainless steel hardware
Finish: Black powder coating
Roof Attachment: Rafter and decking
Structural integrity: IBC and IRC Compliant
Warranty: 25 years