Customer Testimonials

Pitched Roof System

Over the last seven years, SunModo has been our primary racking product, not only due to superior quality and offerings, but also because to their efforts to have the best relation possible with our company.

As an installation firm, we have the real world experience of what “really” does and doesn’t work on the rooftop, along with always seeing ways for product improvement and next generation innovation. This is what we value most about our relationship with SunModo. They value our feedback and due to their structure are able to improve and innovate immediately; we’ve never had a relationship with another company that listens and implements like SunModo does. I’ve lost count years ago of how many times we’ve provided feedback and then within three to six months the improvement is incorporated or the innovation is released in the next revision product offering. SunModo strives for efficiency, quality, and best pricing, along with valuing the feedback they receive from the “boots-on-the-roof” professionals.

Howard Lamb / Sunergy Systems

As a solar company in Portland, OR, SunModo has been the solution to many of the problems we face. Our representative, Brandon Gwinner, has made himself available to us unlike any other representative for any other solar manufacturing company we've worked with. His dedication to helping us fix the problems we encounter on any given day has been top-notch. I can recall one time in particular when we were working on a roof and needed to solve a problem involving a SunModo tilt-up kit that we were unfamiliar installing where Brandon personally drove to the site and gave us a tutorial of the product. That kind of service is priceless and helps us keep our schedule as installers and helps keep our customers satisfied, which is always our top priority.

If we combine all of the benefits of working with SunModo - the amazing service, the simplicity and ease of installation, the high quality and value of the racking itself, and the sleek look of the finished product - there is no question that this is a company we look forward to working with for years to come.

Mark Walter / SunBridge Solar

The EZ Roof Mount kit series that SunModo offers installs so fast with very few components and at a way better price point! Less time on the roof, better price and great quality! We get very good feedback from the customers and the systems look dynamite! Also the parts are interchangeable from metal to comp and flat or tilted. Fewer overall parts to stock. Bravo SunModo!

John Harley / National Solar

Before SunModo, we were stuck with a more expensive, harder to use, mounting system that required us to cut away part of the shingle. However, with the EZ Mount series from SunModo, we have been saving time and money on each install. We have installed over 200 residential projects with their product and have never had a complaint, or issue. SunModo is easy to work with and has the most knowledgeable team around. They all go above and beyond for us and by far have the best product around.

Grant Lindsley / Energy Solutions

Using the EZ Mount roof mount is simple, cost effective, easy to install, and keeps the array looking good close to the roof. We are seeing reduced installation times, less parts lost, and easy to manage inventory. Our customers prefer the Ez Mount over other competitors’ products. The people at SunModo could not be easier to work with. Responsive, friendly, professional- a real joy to work with. We are extremely pleased with our transition to the EZ Mount products.

Jono Stevens / Cobalt Power Systems

Solar Options Northwest has been incorporating SunModo solar mounting systems in their projects over the past 3 years. SunModo provides very competitive products, there service has been outstanding and the products are well designed and will stand the test of time. We utilized the EZ mounts for the GRTHA installations as we feel this is the best composite roofing mounting system on the market today. Rapid to install, sound engineering design, robust flashing and sealing and very adaptable to the variations installers are faced with on residential roofs.

We love the product line, and enjoy working with the staff at SunModo. They understand our scheduling need, and are always open to feedback on their products from the 'installer perspective

It amazed me that a flashed mount installs so fast!

Chauncey Brown / HNU Energy

The new Standing Seam clamp from SunModo is an engineering success. SunModo who is known for their sleek design and elegance has developed the perfect standing metal seam clamp and solved the issue that plagued other Standing Seam clamps. They are easy to install and the upward angled set screws make for a simple and clean attachment. The upward angle leaves plenty of space for your to drill, where other clamps screws are too close to the roof, so you are left fighting to get your drill free. 10 out of 10, which is not surprising coming from SunModo!

Grant Lindsley / Energy Solutions

Flat Roof System

The SunBeam system provides a stronger foundation than any other product I’ve found. The mounting feet are customizable and can be used with every roofing surface I’ve found.

Chauncey Brown / Risingsun Solar

The SunBeam system made for a very smooth and straight forward installation. We were able to easily customize and adjust the racking leg lengths to account for the multiple roof pitches on the site. We have been extremely pleased with both the quality and price of the SunBeam systems we have used. The individual components are very well finished and have a “quality” look and feel. The rack assemblies are also visually impressive which definitely contributes to the professional look of the completed job. We plan to continue using the SunBeam system as our racking of choice for all of the systems we design and install.

From a professional point of view, it was great working with this system. It is light, dependable, easy to install, and very cutting edge. We had a blast from the beginning to the end on this job. You guys rule! Your the best product out there! And the quality was incredible! My client was blown away! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Ground Mount System

We have installed dozens of ground mount systems over the past 10 years using the standard concrete poured post method. Typically these installs would take up to 5 days waiting for footing inspections, concrete trucks and pumps, curing time, etc. SunModo's SunTurf system was a game changer for us. After a few hours on site the ground screws were in and we were constructing our array. A 12kw ground mount install took 2 days from start to finish. It was also the straightest and best looking ground mounted array to date.

Jordan Weisman / Sunbridge Solar