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System Overview

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SunTurf® Multi-Purpose System – Roof Mount

SunTurf Roof Mount System is perfect to elevate above rooftop obstacles to maximize available roof space and system size.  The system easily provides convenient access to roof surfaces for maintenance and repair.

SurTurf Roof Mount is ideal for solar installers looking for a cost effective roof mount system that is robust, versatile, and specially engineered for multiple configurations. By spanning over roof obstructions, the system takes full advantage of the available roof surface therefore maximizing the PV system size and increasing your ROI.

The versatile system can also be configured as Ground Mount.



Span over rooftop obstacles such as HVAC, pipes and vents to maximize roof space and system size


Convenient access to roof surfaces for maintenance and repair


Components optimized for strength, durability and fast installation


Canopy configuration available


UL 2703 Listed by Intertek

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SunTurf Flat Roof System One Sheet

SunTurf® Multi-Purpose System