SunTurf® Ground Mount System


SunModo offers the next generation Ground Mount System.  The streamlined design combines the simplicity of a pipe-based system with next-level engineering.  SurTurf Ground Mount is ideal for solar installers looking for a low cost high performance system that can accommodate a wide variety of soil conditions.

SunTurf Ground Mount System easily integrate SMR300 Rails with Schedule 40 Steel Pipes.  The innovative swivel pipe cap kit can accommodate terrains up to 27% slope east-west and 120% slope north-south. Combine SunTurf with our Ground Screws or Augers and do a complete install of a 15kW system with only one day on the job site.


  • Easily scalable from kilowatts to multi-megawatts PV Arrays
  • Foundation design solution for every soil condition
  • Online configuration tool available to streamline design process
  • Components optimized for strength, durability and fast installation
  • UL 2703 Listed by Intertek

Swivel Pipe Cap Kit

2″ Pipe T-Clamp Kit

Pipe Clamp Kit

2.5″ Pipe U-Clamp Kit

2″ OD Steel Post Base Kit

2″ Aluminum Post Base Kit


Diagonal Brace


2.5″ Pipe Splice Kit

Aluminum Post


ground screws

Ground Screws


Earth Anchors

Earth Auger


high strength steel tube

42″ Anchor extension