SunModo’s Partnership with Aurora Solar

Jun 11, 2024News, Solar

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We’re excited to announce our partnership with Aurora Solar. Aurora users can now access the SunModo Configurator app directly from Design Mode. Here, you’ll be able to select your optimal racking equipment, unify the racking and PV system details, and generate a comprehensive bill of materials (BOM) in-app.

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Design racking from Design Mode in Aurora



Get your bill of materials in just a few clicks with data automatically transferred from Aurora


Retrieve machine- and human-readable racking bill of materials via Sync API#



Free to install and use



If I modify the Aurora design, will the racking design in SunModo be automatically updated?

No. At the moment, you have to re-create the racking design to reflect changes in your Aurora site and system design.

Can I download the SunModo bill of materials from Aurora?

Yes. You can download the bill of materials from the Documents sections of your project in Aurora. You can also retrieve the bill of materials and supporting documents via Design Assets API.

What support documents are available via Sync API?

The bill of materials and installation manual in the PDF format are available via Design Assets API after you save the bill of materials in the SunModo app.


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