Feb 23, 2021News

VANCOUVER, Wash. (February 22, 2021) – Finding the right mounting system to reduce cost without sacrificing performance and speed is one of a solar installer’s top priorities.

Today, the easy, affordable solution is SMR, SunModo’s newest solar racking innovation for roof mounting systems.

SunModo is introducing SMR, the best value, best performing rail system on the market after many years of gathering feedback from installers. With fast and easy Pop-On Clamps and L-Foot adaptors, professional installers can mount, adjust, and secure PV panels with a single tool.

“We are excited with the early response to SMR as our next-generation rail system that saves time and money while achieving maximum performance, which is exactly what our installers want,” said Steve Mumma, General Manager of SunModo. “Changing racking systems is something most installers are reluctant to do; but when a new option comes along that dramatically reduces cost, speeds installation, and increases reliability any installer who is serious about their business must consider it.”

The SMR System represents a huge leap in racking technology.  Optimized design makes the SMR Rails not only the lightest but also the strongest rails on the market.  One tool assembly and Pop-On technology allow fast and worry-free installation.

Among the first to utilize the new SMR system was Jon Lange, President of Sunergy Systems, a solar installation company serving the entire Puget Sound region Seattle area since 2005.

“We love the new SMR rail system.  It is unbelievable how light the rail is.  Amazingly, it is more rigid than the HR rail on a steep roof with the guys standing on it.”

The SMR introduction is part of a determined SunModo initiative to revamp its entire racking product line to become easier and more affordable in the highly competitive solar industry.

Inquiries about SMR or other racking innovations can be directed to or by calling 360.844.0048.



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SunModo, meaning “the way of the sun,” is a private U.S. company headquartered in Vancouver, Wash. that is focused on innovative racking and mounting solutions for professional installers in the fast-growing solar industry. Energized by a desire to make solar installation easier, more reliable and more affordable, our solar racking solutions are at work in 15 countries, and from Hawaii to Connecticut. Our commitment to innovation can be seen across our entire product line, which includes 20 plus industry-shaping patents. More information is at or from the company at 360.844.0048.