SunModo Awarded Contract to supply Ground Mount for Clark Public Utilities Project

Jun 17, 2015News

VANCOUVER, Washington, June 17, 2015 — SunModo, Corp., a leading racking and mounting solutions provider for solar power systems, has been selected by Clark Public Utilities to provide Ground Mount System for its first community solar power system, five arrays with a total of 1,160 panels on a 2.3-acre field in Orchards.

The $1.4 million project is being financed by over 700 Clark Public Utilities customers who purchased small shares in the project. Each $100 share paid for one-twelfth of a single one of the 1,160 solar panels being installed on the site. The average utility customer investor purchased 20 solar panel shares.

The solar panels were made by Itek Energy at its manufacturing facility in Bellingham, as were the inverters that convert direct current to alternating current. Vancouver-based SunModo built the racking equipment used for the solar panels. A&R Solar of Seattle is building the solar array.

“Our mission is to drive down the cost of solar installation through product innovation and system integration” said Stella Sun, Marketing Director for SunModo. “We are excited to expand our partnership with A&R Solar and Itek Energy on another high profile project such as Clark Public Utilities community solar project.”

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