SunModo Appoints New Sales Director

Jan 22, 2021News

VANCOUVER, WA. (January 25, 2021) – SunModo Corp., an innovative solar mounting solutions provider, announced today that it has appointed Sergio Lira as its new Sales Director for the North America region.

Sergio will be responsible for the strategic leadership of the sales departments within the business and will contribute to the overall growth strategy; helping the business to achieve further success in the fast-growing solar industry.

Sergio is a seasoned professional bringing over 10 years of sales experience and has held key sales and business development management positions.

Commenting on the new appointment, General Manager of SunModo, Steve Mumma said, “Sergio brings a wealth of knowledge and sales management experience to the team. I am confident that he will excel in his new role to better serve the growing needs of our customers.”

Sergio added, “It is a great privilege to lead such a talented sales team. By taking the time to listen to our customer’s needs, we will cultivate stronger relationships. I look forward to a great year in 2021.”

Contact info:
Sergio Lira
Sales Director for the North America Region
Phone:+1 407-335-6940

About SunModo

SunModo, meaning “the way of the sun,” is a private U.S. company headquartered in Vancouver, Washington that is focused on innovative racking and mounting solutions for professional installers in the fast-growing solar industry. Energized by a desire to make solar installation easier, more reliable and more affordable, our solar racking solutions are at work in 15 countries, and from Hawaii to Connecticut. Our commitment to innovation can be seen across our entire product line, which includes 20 plus industry-shaping patents. More information is at or from the company at 360.844.0048.