SunDock® Standing Seam Rail-Free System


The Standing Seam Rail-Free System is a Mid Clamp and End Clamp assembly all rolled into one. This unique universal solar clamping kit which incorporates our new Standing Seam Clamp can secure PV panels ranging in height from 30mm to 50mm and it attaches to almost any standing seam roof profiles. 


SunDock’s integrated bonding pins address the stringent bonding requirements of UL2703 creating a continuous bond path throughout the array. This pre-assembled universal attachment is the only attachment needed; no spacers, no blocks and no sweat.

SunDock Standing Seam Rail-Free System


Key Features

  • Attaches to most standing seam panel profiles
  • Universal Mid and End Clamps with 30-50mm Range
  • Pre-assembled kit for quick install
  • Integrated grounding tested and certified to UL2703 by Intertek

1″ Standing Seam Rail-Free Kit


2″ Standing Seam Rail-Free Kit