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Standing Seam Clamp System Overview


SunModo is proud to introduce Standing Seam Clamp, the newest addition to the Metal Roof Mount Family.

Solar PV installations on standing seam roofs just got easier with SunModo’s Standing Seam Clamp.

No rail needed! SMR Mid and End Clamps attach directly to the Standing Seam Clamp. Save the cost and time of using rail. Simply attach an L-Foot and the same Standing Seam Clamp can be used with a rail-based system.

Standing Seam Clamp ADVANTAGE


One product does everything you need on standing seam roofs.


Attach SunModo's SMR Mid and End Clamps directly to the Standing Seam Clamp and you have a full racking system with no need for rail.


Attach an L-Foot and use with any compatible rail-based system.


One tool assembly with all SunModo roof mount products.

Do you have a Solar Project?

At SunModo, we are dedicated to supporting the solar professional with robust and worry-free products, great technical support.

Interested in Quality?

If you are a professional in the solar industry interested in our mounting product, we will be happy to send you a FREE sample.


Standing Seam Clamp One Sheet

Standing Seam Clamp Datasheet