Our wide variety of attachment makes easy work of any metal roof installation.


With few components and single penetration into wood truss, the EZ Metal Roof Mount Kit allows for fast installation. We also have three dual penetration mount options for metal purlin application. U.S. Patent Number 8,122,648


Designed for maximum flexibility, the RidgeBridge Mount can be attached to most traditional or trapezoidal corrugated roof profiles. The kit can be combined whit L-Adaptor to change the orientation of rail at right angles to corrugations.  In addition, we offer flexible mounting options for standing seam metal roofs.

Key Benefits:

      • Options for practically any metal roof
      • Simple, fast anchoring into wood trusses or metal purlins
      • Leak-avoiding design fastens or ridge peak or valley
      • Brackets engineered for easy adjustment and dispersed load
      • Durable all-aluminum finish to resist corrosion
      • No need for a boot or flashing, aesthetically clean