1-inch EZ Standing Seam Clamp

Solar PV installations on metal roofs just got easier with SunModo’s own family of innovative standing seam clamps,including our new Standing Seam Rail-Free System.


The clamp features roof-safe oval end set screw to eliminate damage to the roof.  The set screw can be installed on either the vertical leg of the clamp or on the 10-degree leg of the clamp. Re-positioning the set screw allows this clamp to fit on a wide variety of standing seam roof profiles.


Available in 50mm width standard version with 2 set screws or 30mm width mini version with 1 set screw.


EZ Standing Seam Clamp One Sheet

1″ Standard EZ Standing Seam Clamp Test Report

1″ Mini EZ Standing Seam Clamp Test Report


“The new standing seam clamp from SunModo is an engineering success. SunModo who is known for their sleek design and elegance has developed the perfect standing metal seam clamp and solved the issue that plagued other standing seam clamps.

They are easy to install and the upward angled set screws make for a simple and clean attachment. The upward angle leaves plenty of space for your to drill, where other clamps screws are too close to the roof, so you are left fighting to get your drill free. 10 out of 10, which is not surprising coming from SunModo!”

Grant Lindsley – Energy Solutions




Part Number Description
K50200-001  1-inch EZ Standing Seam Clamp, Standard
K50200-002  1-inch EZ Standing Seam Clamp, Mini