2-inch EZ Standing Seam Clamp

Solar PV installations on metal roofs just got easier with SunModo’s own family of innovative standing seam clamps, including our new Standing Seam Rail-Free System.


The clamp features roof-safe oval end set screw to eliminate damage to the roof.  The 2-inch clamp installs in situ at the desired seam attachment location.  No more sliding the clamp up the roof line with this unique two-part assembly.


Available in 50mm width standard version with 2 set screws or 30mm width mini version with 1 set screw.


EZ Standing Seam Clamp One Sheet

2″ Standard EZ Standing Seam Clamp Test Report

2″ Mini EZ Standing Seam Clamp Test Report



Part Number Description
K50210-001  2-inch EZ Standing Seam Clamp, Standard
K50210-002  2-inch EZ Standing Seam Clamp, Mini