Pitched Roof System Overview

SunModo offers one of the most versatile, installer-friendly pitched roof mounting systems on the market.  Our patented easy-to-use flagship EZ Roof Mount anchor hundreds of MW in installed capacity.  With a full range of mounts and components, our pitched roof system can be configured in an endless variety of designs.  


Pitched Roof System One Sheet


Self-Grounding System

SunModo is proud to introduce our next generation self-grounding product line to simplify your solar installations.  Our secret: Built-in grounding pins in easy-to-use components for any panel and rail configuration.  No need to order, stock, and transport grounding clips and grounding straps to the rooftop. 


Self-Grounding Pins

Each product in our new system features self-grounding pins that pierce rail coating to form a reliable, durable grounding connection as part of the natural installation process.

grounding pin white


Bonding Universal Mid Clamps

Our Pre-Assembled Universal Mid Clamps have a unique T-Bolt locking feature that ensure the T-Bolt remains vertical and in full contact with rail to eliminate pull out. The spring-loaded top clamp and open collar nut accommodates module frames from 31 to 50mm. The added Loctite easily engages the T-Bolt from the top of the collar nut. The shared rail adapter conveniently converts standard rail to shared rail to allow landscape mounting of PV panels on E-W rails.



End Clamps

Our adjustable end clamps accommodate different PV module frame heights ranging from 30m to 55mm.

Bonding Rail Splices


Our splices with built-in grounding pins deliver a stronger rack and a solid bond between rails.



Grounding Lug

Our lug features self-grounding to the rail, ensuring proper grounding of the PV system.

K10179 clean


Key Features

  • Strong, light-weight, corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum for extended protection; available in Clear or Black
  • A full range of roof attachments available to meet every need
  • Online configuration tool to streamline design process
  • Easy to install with minimum components and interchangeable parts
  • Integrated grounding tested and certified to UL2703 by Intertek
  • Class A System Fire Rating


SunModo’s Helio rails are especially designed for its strength and versatility. With two convenient 1/4” slot and a 3/8” slot available, the Helio rails can handle a variety of components such as mounts, rail splices, micro-inverters, clamps, and a variety of wire and grounding products.


HR150 (Helio Open Rail) makes it easy to route PV electrical wires inside rail channels.  Available in 2 stock sizes (124″ and 166″) in clear or black anodized. 


HR250 (Helio Standard Rail) is a cost-effective rail especially designed for its strength and versatility.  Available in 3 stock sizes (124″, 166″ and 206″) in clear or black anodized. 


HR350 (Helio Heavy Rail) is known for its heavy duty strength and long spanning distances between mounts.  Available in 3 stock sizes (124″, 166″ and 206″) in clear anodized. 


HR500 (Helio Super Rail) is a high performance rail with super heavy duty strength and longest spanning distances between mounts among all new rails.  Available in one stock size (212″) in clear anodized. 


All Rails are extruded 6065-T5 aluminum.

Helio Rail Family


SunModo offers a variety of attachments for Roof Mount System to best fit your system needs and requirements.

For, more info, visit, Roof Attachment Page.