Dear Valued Customer,


As an important business partner of SunModo, we want to share some exciting news with you.


SunModo, a solar racking leader supporting virtually any solar PV configuration, has acquired majority interest in the company Mighty Lift Portland, which specializes in racking solutions for material handling and storage. That business is now named SunModo Material Handling.


Here’s the story: Both companies are in their second decade of  designing, manufacturing and delivering industry-leading products.  The additional sales volume resulting from this acquisition enables SunModo to negotiate supply chain cost savings, such as larger raw material orders and shared transportation and distribution systems.  This deal provides a fresh dimension of expertise and innovation to both companies so we can provide even better products going forward.  But most importantly, it demonstrates that SunModo is becoming a more complete partner, broadening our scope to supply more of the vital product lines that help our customers drive value and profits from their operations.


Here’s the best news: As a company that is already a key customer for SunModo and receiving our best pricing, we are pleased to announce that you will receive that same favorable pricing for the SunModo Material Handling product line as well.  You have a partner in SunModo that truly cares about becoming an even more valued resource for your business.


So, whether you’re installing solar arrays outside or handling materials inside, we’ve got your rack!  You can always count on SunModo for innovative, high quality, cost-effective products to support your business.


You can receive more information on SunModo products at www.sunmodo.com and can learn more about SunModo Material Handling at www.sunmodomh.com, or from your representative.


Please contact us with questions and thanks for your continued support!



Tony Liu

President & Founder