John Jeffers
Southwest Regional Sales Manager

John Jeffers serves as Regional Sales Manager for the Southwest and develops SunModo’s distribution channels in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado.


John previously served with the US Army 82nd Airborne Division and attended business classes at UCLA’s Anderson School. John took to sales like a fish to water, serving in many different capacities until finding his calling in solar. John currently holds a valid California Real Estate Broker’s License and worked for many years as a mortgage broker. In solar, John’s experience includes kitchen table sales, renewable finance and wholesale business sales.


Calls to John’s phones are answered as he understands the urgency of business. Nobody places a phone call with the hopes of leaving a message.


John is a lifelong athlete having been a professional mountain bike downhill racer, and a long time mixed martial artist and instructor, though nowadays John can most frequently be seen riding the local trails near his Ventura County home and with his wife Mia, involved in activities with their young daughter Maisie, and even younger twin boys Keanu, and Killian.


John has a very strong work ethic and is driven to be the best at everything he does. When dealing with him you will most likely be greeted with a big smile, some laughter, and a few jokes. John cares very much for people and strives to make every interaction a positive one.