Innovation-driven Solar Racking Company SunModo Celebrates 10 Years

Jun 6, 2018News

VANCOUVER, Washington (June 6, 2017) — SunModo Corp, a leading innovator in the solar racking industry, is celebrating its tenth anniversary of designing and making the hardware that attaches solar panels to rooftops, ground and even the sides of buildings.

With a deep commitment to innovation, SunModo quickly earned its place in the highly competitive solar power industry by developing gear that helps installers mount solar panels quickly and securely.  In its first decade, the company already has racked up 18 industry-shaping patents with more in design.

“We began knowing we could help solar professionals mount panels and wiring more efficiently across the entire range of solar installations and it is working,” said Tony Liu, President and Founder of SunModo.  Mr. Liu previously held mechanical and thermal engineering business roles with Intel Corp., Danaher Corp. and Credence Corp, after receiving a master’s in mechanical engineering from Portland State University and a bachelor’s degree from Hefei University of Technology near Shanghai.

SunModo’s innovations range from solving simple challenges to creating new applications.  Its EZ Roof Mounts became a basic component for watertight rooftop installations.  Its popular SunBeam™ elevated racking system is the industry’s preferred solution for navigating rooftop obstacles such as vents and air conditioning units.  Meanwhile, SunModo offers racking solutions for fragile tile roofs, all kinds of metal roofs and ground-mounted solar arrays.  Its latest innovation SunShield™ transforms awnings that protect building entrances into power-generating solar units.

“We strive to be the professional installer’s one-stop shop for efficient solar racking equipment across many different applications as solar power grows,” said Liu. “Mounting equipment is one of the lowest cost components of a solar project, but it has a significant bearing on the speed and reliability of installation which are critical to the installer’s success.”

About SunModo

SunModo, meaning “the way of the sun,” is a private U.S. company headquartered in Vancouver, Wash. that is focused on innovative racking and mounting solutions for professional installers in the fast-growing solar industry. Energized by a desire to make solar installation easier, more reliable and more affordable, our solar racking solutions are at work in 15 countries, and from Hawaii to Connecticut. Our commitment to innovation can be seen across our entire product line, which includes 18 industry-shaping patents. More information is at or from the company at 360.844.0048.