Dual-Tilt Elevated System Overview

SunModo’s new Dual-Tilt Elevated System is perfect for low-slope roof installation of PV modules.

Dual tilt system

The Dual-Tilt Elevated System minimizes the number of roof penetrations required by incorporating its SB3500 beam technology with span up to 25 feet.  This unique PV mounting system allows for high-power densities on rooftops with minimal self-shading.  The dual tilt design increases system capacity up to 35% compared to a traditional south-facing PV design approach.  The unique universal clamping system can secure PV modules ranging in thickness from 30mm to 50mm.

The integrated bonding pins address the stringent bonding requirement of UL 2703 creating a continuous bond path throughout the array. These pre-assembled universal attachments maximize module density while mitigating shading issues all by design.

dual tilt detail 1

Locate the panels on the Dual-Tilt Top Support and move the Mid Clamp into position.

dual tilt detail 2

The universal mid clamp accommodates module frames from 30 to 50mm.

dual tilt detail 3

Locate the panel on the Dual-Tilt Bottom Support and move the End Clamp into position.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Dual-tilt design increases system capacity up to 35%
  • Achieve longer spans up to 25 feet with minimal roof attachments
  • Components optimized for strength, durability, and fast installation
  • Easily scalable from kilowatts to multimegawatt PV Arrays
  • UL 2703 Listed by Intertek