What We Do

SunModo develops, manufactures and sells roof and ground mount systems to residential installers, commercial integrators, and other solar providers who look for quicker and worry-free installation. From its inception, customers quickly recognized SunModo as a trusted provider of consistently lower cost, high quality mounting solution.

Our History

SunModo began in 2008 in Vancouver, WA when founder Tony Liu could not find a PV racking system that would meet his expectations of long-term performance quality while being low cost. With metallurgy and thermal dynamics expertise, Tony developed the ground mount system with auger for the Portland Water Bureau Groundwater Project, the largest ground mount of its kind in Oregon and SunModo’s first project.

Later in 2009, SunModo developed a completely water-proof flashing that would become the best-selling solar roof mounting product in the industry and the backbone of the company.
After many years of extensive research and development, what began with a clean sheet of paper evolved into the next generation of full line solar racking solutions.

Behind the Name

SunModo literally means ‘The Way of the Sun’. Modo means “way” in Spanish, derived from the Latin modus “to measure”. Phonetically you pronounce our name “Sun-Modo”.

SunModo strives to make solar energy a bigger part of our everyday life by designing solar mounting products that minimize the total cost of the solar system.

Our Value

  • A Culture of Innovation & Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Focus
  • Global Inspiration

True leaders innovate. Innovation, however, requires a significant commitment of resources to create the absolute best solutions. SunModo is an innovator of solar racking and mounting systems with a strong and growing patent portfolio. To date, we have eight granted U.S patents covering key aspects of our pitched roof mount systems. With a mission to drive down the total cost of installation through product innovation, we are committed to designing better, simpler, and more cost-effective mounting solutions for the industry.

We strive for efficiency, quality, and value, and acting on the feedback we receive from the “boots-on-the-roof ” professionals. We regularly survey our customers to determine what we are doing right and what could use improvement. And yes, we do make mistakes – and are committed to rectifying our error as rapidly as possible to ensure as little negative impact.

We are continually exploring ways to improve our racking products to minimize the total cost of installation.  We are proud and grateful to have such a wonderful base of clients who work hard to change the world for the better. Click here to see some of our featured clients, their projects and what they say about us.  We regard it a great honor and want to take the opportunity to say “thank you” for your trust and dedication, and for giving us the opportunity to serve, develop and grow along with you.

If the World Were a Village of 100 People, 24 would not have electricity.


SunModo’s vision is to accelerate the adoption of affordable clean energy technologies worldwide. At SunModo, we are continuously inventing new ways to harness the sun’s energy, whether it be partnering with our customers and partners for new product testing and feedback, or investing our time, expertise and resources to build healthy, economically vibrant and clean-powered communities around the globe.


Why Should You Consider Us:

We are committed to providing our customers with the most intelligently designed, efficient and cost effective solar racking systems available in today’s marketplace. With decades of aggregate solar energy experience, we custom design our systems to maximize solar energy potential while providing the highest possible return on investment. 

We are excited to work with you and most importantly enable you to reduce your energy expenditures by harnessing the way of the sun.