Solar Carport System Overview

The SunPort™ Solar Carport System is a lightweight, cost effective, aesthetically pleasing aluminum frame carport structure.  The system maximizes energy harvesting and minimizes structural weight with its all-aluminum construction.

The SunPort™ Carport System has been engineered to resist any site-specific wind, snow and seismic forces with a wide variety of anchoring options available.  Its light construction reduces stress on the foundations and saves on transportation cost.

SunPort Solar Carport System

Carport Design Guidelines

Solar Panel Seam Gasket

  • Provides valuable shade for vehicle protection while harvesting solar energy
  • Easy-to-assemble design for fast installation
  • Standard and custom carport canopy solutions
  • A wide variety of anchoring options
  • Keeps the solar panels cooler and more efficient with airflow beneath the panels