SunModo provides consistently high quality, low cost roof attachments that allows for quicker and worry-free installation. We continue to expand our product offering to include a full range of roof attachments to meet your specific needs.

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Save time, hassle, and callbacks by using EZ Roof Mounts for any composite shingle roof. Ez Roof Mount kit with L Foot is 100% compliant with International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC) as well as UL 441 criteria for watertight tested by IAPMO ES.  Available in clear or black finish. 18″ X 18″ flashing also available which works great for cedar shake. U.S. Patent Number 8,122,648


  • Best-selling mount kit installs in less than a minute
  • Versatile mounting options including direct-to-decking
  • Raised teardrop shaped flashing designed to divert water flow
  • Protected EPDM water-tight seal withstand ultraviolet degradation
  • Performed flawlessly in major storm conditions



SunModo offers a variety of roof attachment for different metal roofing types.

EZ Metal Roof Mount kit (L foot or Standoff version) exceeds the competition in quality, reliability and price.  With few components and single penetration into wood truss, this mount allows for fast installation. We also have three dual penetration mount options for metal purlin applicaiton. U.S. Patent Number 8,122,648


EZ Corrugated Roof Mount Kit is compatable with most common metal roofing materials, and is mounted directly into the supporting structures of the roof. U.S. Patent Number 8,424,821


Key Features

  • Very few components; interchangeable with L feet or standoffs (available in various lengths)
  • Simple and fast installation; secure tightly into wood truss and metal purlins
  • Protected EPDM water-tight seal under the metal roof shoe to withstand ultraviolet degradation and harsh conditions
  • No need for a boot or flashing, aesthetically clean

In addition, we offer flexible mounting options for standing seam metal roofs. The clamp prevents torque back-out from wind flutter and seismic vibration by employing a unique “push-pin” design that securely locks two stainless steel pins into the roof panel without scratching the panel’s surface.

EZ Metal Roof Mount

EZ Metal Roof Mount Standoff

T-foot metal mount

L-Foot metal mount

RidgeBridge Mount

Corrugated Roof Mount1

2 hole corrugated roof


SunModo offers a variety of tile hooks for different tile roofing types.


The hooks offer a strong, low-profile roof attachment solution for plain, flat or spanish tile that eliminates the need for cutting and drilling of tile. Another important feature of the tile roof hook is the tile hook base, a gasket underneath the hook which serves as flashing.


Key Features

  • Strong, low profile tile roof attachment
  • Eliminate the need for cutting and drilling of tile
  • Models for both flat and curved tile
  • Tile hook base gasket underneath the hook

tile hook 1

tile hook 2

tile hook 3

tile hook 4