TopTile Mount

SunModo’s innovative TopTile™ Mount is the world’s first PV mounting system that is mounted entirely above the tiles.


The TopTile™ Mount System features three mounting options that secure panels 4-7 inches above the tile surface, using stanchions with water-proof sealing washers and moldable flashing. Installers can choose either SunModo’s patented deck mounting system when anchoring into deck or a rafter mounting system. The system can also be mounted to a flat concrete surface.




 Part Number   Description
 K10206-005   5″ Rafter TopTile Mount Kit
 K10206-007   7″ Rafter TopTile Mount Kit
 K10207-105   5″ Wood Deck TopTile Mount Kit
 K10207-107   7” Wood Deck TopTile Mount Kit
 K10290-005   5″ Concrete Deck TopTile Mount Kit
 K10290-007   7″ Concrete Deck TopTile Mount Kit
 A20230-001   1″ Aluminum Spacer