RidgeBridge Mount Kit

Designed for maximum flexibility, the RidgeBridge Mount can be attached to most traditional or trapezoidal corrugated roof profiles.  The kit can be combined with L-Adaptor to change the orientation of rail at right angles to corrugations


The RidgeBridge Mounts are compatible with corrugation pitch heights ranging from 3/4” to 1-1/2”.
RidgeBridge Metal Roof Mount Product Sheet

RidgeBridge Mount Selection Tool



Part NumberDescription
K10211-001 3/4 Pitch Height Ridge Bridge Mount Kit
K10212-001 1 Pitch Height Ridge Bridge Mount Kit
K10213-001 1-1/2Pitch Height Ridge Bridge Mount Kit
K10066-016 L-Adaptor Kit
A50011-001 Tool, RidgeBridge Mount Selection